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Annexation/Boundary Change Requests

This is a summary of the Annexation/Boundary Change process. Please see the documents below for a complete description and request form.

  • A boundary impact statement is presented to the district governing board.

  • The governing body sets a hearing.

  • Boundary Impact Statement is sent to the Board of Supervisors along with notice of hearing, and notice of the hearing is mailed to each owner of taxable property within the proposed boundary change by the clerk of the governing body. The clerk of the governing body posts and publishes the notice.

  • Board of Supervisors reviews of Boundary Impact Statement.

  • Governing body holds hearing and either authorizes or denies circulation of petitions. The Clerk of the Board determines the number of property owner signatures necessary to meet the “more than one-half" requirement.

  • Proponents have one year from the date the governing body authorizes circulation of petitions to obtain signatures and file them with the district. If an appeal is filed, the time allowable for the collection of signatures begins on the date an action isfiled in Superior Court and continues until the time for any further appeal has expired.

  • Governing body receives completed petitions and sets hearing on the boundary change for not fewer than 10 nor more than 30 days from the date of receipt of the petitions.

  • Governing body sends petitions to Board of Supervisors, which provides for verification in accordance with the provisions of A.R.S. §48-262(B).

  • If the petitions contain the necessary signatures to meet statutory requirements, the governing body, at its hearing, approves an order changing the district boundaries.

  • Governing body records Order of Boundary Change and notifies the Arizona Department of Revenue, United States Department of Justice, and Greenlee County Elections Department of the action. Persons interested in making boundary changes to a fire district should contact the fire district.

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