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Open Burn Permits

Open burning is the practice of burning unwanted vegetation and other types of waste in the outdoors, and is regulated by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ). To promote safe and proper disposal of waste vegetation and other unwanted materials, Arizona has open burning requirements.

Why Do I Need A Burn Permit?

In most cases, when burning materials in the open, an Open Burn Permit from ADEQ is required by law. These laws are intended to help protect the public from smoke impacts. Unless specifically exempted by the rule, persons setting outdoor fires must obtain a permit from ADEQ or a delegated permitting authority. Two types of open burn permits are issued in Arizona: Normal and Dangerous Materials.

What Types Of Fires Do Not Require A Permit?

Outdoor cooking fires and small recreational or warming fires do not require a permit. All other burning requires a permit as issued by Duncan Valley Rural Fire District or ADEQ.

What Does It Cost To Obtain An Open Burn Permit?

Open burn permits are FREE of charge. 


Inside Fire District Boundaries

By delegated authority of Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ), the Duncan Valley Rural Fire District is authorized to issue burn permits for residents within the District's boundaries only.


Burn permits are only available during "Open Burn Periods". Burn Period 1 covers January 1st through May 31st. Burn Period 2 typically begins September 1st and covers through December 31st. 



  1. Open burning will be allowed only in the right conditions. Check DVRFD website AND call DVRFD prior to any burning. Daily burning period starts two (2) hour after sunrise, and ends two (2) hours before sunset. Wind speed must be less than 10 mph.

  2. Piles must be monitored during day while active flame is present. Flames must not jeopardize the safety of Firefighters, Animals, Public or the Environment. Flames must not interfere with driving on roadways, function of business, hiking trails, residents or visitors.

  3. Piles left overnight must have a fire line cut around them AND have prior DVRFD approval. Flame height should be no greater than two (2) feet.
    DVRFD must be updated of smoldering piles at the end of each burn day (No later than 4 P.M.). Work/Burn sites will be left with fire completely extinguished, clean and safe.

  4. Proper equipment at each burn location. Extinguish/Safety equipment must be available at burn site (garden hose with water source, pump tank, etc.). Tools (shovel, etc.) Communication equipment (radio/cell phone).

  5. Monitor smoke at all times. Smoke must not jeopardize Firefighters, Public or Environment. Smoke must not interfere with driving on roadways, function of businesses, hiking trails, residents or visitors. Piles will be extinguished immediately to comply with the above.

  6. DVRFD staff will assist the resident with any questions or plans. Call (928) 362-2485 if you have any questions.

Pursuant to the International Fire Code and A.R.S. 49-501, 13-1706, and [A.A.C. R18-2-602.D.3] Burning shall be done only where other methods of residue disposal are impractical or unsatisfactory.

Outside Fire District Boundaries

All burn permit applications for residents outside the Duncan Valley Rural Fire District's boundaries must apply for open burn permits directly to ADEQ.

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